A few tips

To spend a great time with friends

You have planned to spend time with your friends, but you are not in the mood to go shopping?
Do not panic, here are a few ideas that guarantee you a great time!

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Take care of yourself ... and your hands

Go to a beauty center and relax while taking care of your hands. Simple manicure or gel, choose the color you like! Dare bright colors or white for the most tanned, it's almost summer!

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Get ready for the summer

Summer is coming and you already see yourself swinging along the beach? And why not give your skin a tanned complexion to be at the top in a swimsuit? Nothing like a tanning session in a specialized center. This will be an opportunity for you and your girlfriends to relax and come out looking good!

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Make yourself happy

Want to make a little obstruction to your diet and make you happy? This is the perfect moment! Choose a place where you feel good: a creperie, a good Italian restaurant, the famous Chinese restaurant ... in short, everything that makes you want! Accompanied by your girlfriends, this will be an opportunity to tell you your gossip of the week!