The new revolutionary wellness solution!

Dive three minutes into -140 degrees?
The new method which makes you feel boosted and good in your body!

Athletes are adept, they use it to treat inflammatory, muscular or other sports traumas. While others use it to track down and destock the fat. But if this extreme cold is effective in fighting cellulite, it also fights against sleep disorders, headache, dermatological problems, stress, tiredness, anxiety

How does it work ?

You must stay in underwear in a box, then the temperature will drop extremely quickly and the cold will begin to traumatize the skin, the fat and the muscles. The reactions depend on each one. Some may feel a toning wraparound feeling, a big shot of energy, maybe some tingling. Others can really get very cold. This is due to the reaction of blood flowing to vital organs like a big wave that cleans toxins. The result is an invigorating cold that leaves a hyper tonic skin. The results are visible between 6 to 8 weeks after the session.


However, be careful about the place where you choose to have the treatment. On the one hand, beauty institutes will promise to burn calories in a peaceful setting, in the other hand a specialized clinic will ask you to complete a survey to check your blood pressure. Cryotherapy is not dangerous, but the thermal shock requires vigilance that the medical framework ensures.

The session costs between 350 and 700 euros. In general, one session is enough except for large areas to be treated. In that case, it is necessary to have another session. A deadline of 6 weeks  must be respected between the two sessions.