How to get a good night sleep

Tips and tricks

Nothing like a good night's sleep to start the day.
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get a good night sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep cycles 

Above all, it is important to understand sleep. Sleep takes place under different cycles, lasting from 1 hour to 1h30 per cycle. A good night's sleep should be able to count about 6 to 9 cycles of sleep. Sleep is therefore counted in cycle and not in hours as some would believe. Each cycle corresponds to a stage, for example during the first stage, the body physically recovers, it is the slow part of the sleep.

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Taking sleep signals into account 

If you want to have a good night's sleep, you must follow certain rules. Namely, consider the different sleep signals sent by your brain. Most of the time, we tend to ignore these different signals (yawns, heavy eyelids, physical tiredness ...) and therefore miss the opportunity to have a good restorative night. Whenever we ignore the sleep signals, we must wait until the next cycle, about 1:30 before having the chance to regain sleep.

Before starting a night of sleep, you must put yourself in the conditions to a good night's sleep. So, here's a list of things not to do and do before sleeping.

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Not advisable before sleeping

1. Eating a meal too heavy 2 hours before sleeping. Drinks such as tea, coffee or other sweet drinks should also be avoided.

2. Physical activities.

3. The presence of a screen, whatever its type, smartphone, television or computer in the room is deprecated, and it is preferable to decrease its use a few hours before sleeping.

4. Before sleeping, make sure that the temperature of your body and your room is correctly adjusted, the ideal would be to have a room at 20 degrees and for your body, it is better to have a warm shower than a hot showers before sleeping.
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Advisable before sleeping

1. Make sure the frame is restful, ideally that the room is immersed in darkness with silence. Avoid any noise, turn off your lights or prefer the dim lights, close the shutters.

2. Use some relaxation methods like reading or listening to soothing music that will help you call the sleep signals.