Paris fashion week  autumn winter 2017-2018

An event of scandals ?

The well-known fashion week, which takes place every 6 months, began in Paris on Tuesday 28 February and will end on 7 March. During This week, different high fashion houses and luxurious ready to wear houses will present their collection for the fall-winter 2017-2018.
There will be several great couturiers, including Balmain, Saint-laurent, Dolce&Gabana, Chanel … 

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Paris fashion week is the most important of the 4-international fashion week. The fashion week tour begins in United States with the New York fashion week, then we fly to England with the London Fashion, then comes Milan Fashion Week, finally we close the "Big Four" with the Paris fashion week.

Accusations of discrimination and mistreatment addressed to several high fashion houses

And as every year, some high fashion houses are accused of discrimination, abuse or even abuse of power on their models. It is well known, fashion world is a jungle, some models even testify to the sadism and lack of humanity present in this environment.

This year at the Paris Fashion Week, it is the Balenciaga house that has been accused of mistreatment towards their models.

Indeed, the models complained that they had been locked up for three hours in a stairwell in the dark, with only the lighting of their phones, "They left lunch closing the door and turning off the lights, leaving us in the stairwell with the light of our phones for only lighting ". The brand spokesman obviously countered the accusations against the fashion house.

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 After Balenciaga, it is up to the brand "Lanvin" to face charges, this time the brand has been accused of racial discrimination. "I heard from several agents, some of them black, that they had been given a mandate from Lanvin who did not want to be represented by women of colour." Again, the brand's spokesman denied the accusations against them, "These accusations are completely false and unfounded. «However, we noticed, that only two black models and two Asian models scrolled with the other Caucasian models. Are the charges justified or is it just a bad advertising blow.

A Milan fashion week, a model to follow?

This year, the New York fashion week was a good student by showing a fine example of combating all forms of racial and cultural discrimination in the fashion industry.

We were all pleasantly surprised to see Halima Aden scrolling with great designers like Kanye West, Max Mara and Alberta Ferretti. The 19-year-old Somalian model was spotted during Miss Minnesota contest by Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. She was scrolling in Burkini and hijab instead of a swimsuit. It is thanks to this audacity that she scrolls today for big names of the fashion industry and all of this wearing her veil.

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