The beard

A timeless trend?

We thought it was just a transient fashion trend
well it remains a hit.


You already know the famous Movember which was born in Belgium in November 2012. This male movement, was born ten years ago, in Australia, it invites men to let their moustache grow during 11 months of the year. The main goal of this movement is to highlight their masculinity but above all break the taboo linked to diseases that affect them like prostate cancer. Over time, Europeans started to give the preference to beard rather than moustache during the Movember movement.

 In the united states hipsters began to use this trend to stand out from others. The trend made a buzz on different Instagram accounts dedicated to it. Many public figures have succumbed: Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Coopper, etc. For Christian Bromberger, professor of ethnology, the return of this capillary movement is a sign of virility, is not surprising at a time when questions are asked about gender.

Daniel Radcliffe
Ben Affleck

On the web, the trend has got a real community those concerned have a whole lot of "pro-beard" points of view. Many Facebook pages like "I love my beard", "Beard Lover" gather all those concerned: the beard helps to age a childish face, to feel more attractive, to protest the standards. Is it a question of aesthetics, then? Regarding the female side, they admitted it “We love the three-day beard effect of the beautiful dark brown”! Finished the pretty face shaved with precision, we want a sexy wild beard!

But is the trend going to decrease for 2017? This is at least what trend predictors predicted. Indeed, if capillary trends initially have a lifecycle of about thirty years, the advent of the Internet have an influence on trends. bearded men may get tired of this trend Faster than expected.