What kind of swimsuit for this summer?

There is something for every taste!

The beautiful days are already felt and each of us is already looking for the swimsuit that will put his body in value. Here is a selection of trendy swimsuits for this summer 2017 that will make you want to go in the water.

one piece swimsuit

The one piece swimsuit

Well yes, the one piece jersey is back in fashion, it is found on all beaches. For years it has been seen as a memorial jersey but this time is now over.


The mid-top and top band

You can see it everywhere on social networks, bloggers or even stars, they all wear it. If you want to highlight your shapes, this jersey will be ideal for drawing your hips and buttocks.  


The high-rise swimsuit

The breeches were fashionable in the 1950s, and we still remember the bindings with the large straw hat worn by all women at that time. In 2017 the breeches took a little touch of modernity but it remained the same.


The classic two-piece swimsuit

The classic two-piece jersey remains uncontrollable, for all those who prefer simplicity is the ideal jersey. You can choose bright colors to give a little peps to your jersey.


The printed swimsuit

The prints are very trendy at the moment, so you can opt for a printed jersey to add a little trendy side to your jersey. From floral prints to fruit prints to African print, the choice is wide and there is something for everyone.


The accessories matter!

In terms of style, it is always important to differentiate, to add a little more that comes from us. So you can add your personal touch to your jersey. This can be an accessory that suits you, a small collar, a pair of glasses or a straw hat for example will do.