And if the Birkenstock were timeless

Maison Balck

Birkenstock Birkenstock is known for its quality products, manufactured with attention to detail and often by hand.

You'll find at Maison Balck,orthopedist in Laeken, a selection of orthopedic sandals comfortables and trendy.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Birkenstock Gizeh

Model ultra comfortable, it is more like a flip-flop, which differentiates models with straps on the top of the foot. It is for all fans of flip flops who appreciate its cut and sleek style. This model is recognizable by its specific sole and designed for the well-being of our feet.

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Birkenstock Arizona

This model is a fugure of "must-have" and has become the feet of all fashion models on the planet. Its double strap on the front gives our outfits a very trendy spirit. The Birkenstock Arizona are among the flagship models that all girls, and even boys, are snapping up now

Orthopédiste Maison Balck
Tel: +32 2 426 11 83
Rue de Wand 247
1020 Laeken

Opening hours

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