8 movies to watch during  Valentine's Day

Reignite the passion

like a movie night cocoon with your loved one .
For this special valentine's day, we made a selection of 8 legendary romantic movies to watch.

Pretty woman Saint-Valentin

1. Pretty woman

A classic that you never get tired of! The synopsis is no longer to be done. Let yourselves be tempted by the romance worthy of a fairy tale between the awesome financial man and the young romantic prostitute …

The Notebook Ryan Gosling

2. The Notebook

Allie lives in a rest home and she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Every day, Noah reads her the same book. Allie wrote her own story in this notebook from the moment she discovered her illness. In order, to never forget her feelings, she wrote her story in the notebook and Noah tells her story. A true touching love story.

Crazy Stupid Love Emma Stone

3. Crazy Stupid Love

Love treated in every way: crazy love, stupid love, blind love, physical love. There's something for everyone! A romantic comedy moving and funny at the same time. It will bring a little lightness to your love evening. You will come out of this movie laughing together while getting emotional by the few lessons of sentimental life.

fifty shades of Grey Rita Ora

4. fifty shades of Grey

Should we really introduce you to Mr. Grey? He inflames all the women around the world in the famous book of E.L. James. It is the story of a passionate and sexual romance between the rich young Christian Gray and the little student Anna who is fascinated by what he makes her discover. The perfect movie to raise the temperature.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


The heartbreaker is none other than Alex (Romain Duris) whose job consists of breaking couples. To be successful in his mission he has a precise method, his fatal weapon is seduction. Everything went well Until the day Alex must break a young and rich couple of the thirties. He came across this young woman who gives him a hard time ... A romantic comedy, sparkling, refreshing, with a pinch of action.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

6. The fault in our stars 

Another atmosphere for "The fault in our stars " which sink us immediately into a moving drama. The story tells us about the love story of a young couple of teenagers sharing the same values, the same devastating humor and they both have a disregard of conventions.
Their story begins somewhat out of the ordinary since they meet in a support group for cancer patients. Take out the handkerchiefs and be ready to snuggle up against your darling all night long

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

7. Eat, Pray, Love!

Do Want to escape into a love story mixed with exotic landscapes? This movie is perfect for all the idealists and dreamers, it will make you travel on a journey to the end of the world. Liz decides to leave everything to take a sabbatical year and change her life. She starts a long journey around the world and begins to enjoy her life: cooking pleasures in Italy, prayer and faith in India and quite unexpectedly:  find love in Bali ... The dream!

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

8. 50 first dates 

When Henry met Lucy for the first time, he is immediately becoming fascinated. Infringing his own rule of not falling in love, Henry seduces Lucy and gets a date with her the next day. When the day arrives, Lucy does not recognize him. Henry finally realized that she was suffering from amnesia. If he wants to fight for this love, every day must be the first ...

A reminder to your Valentine that love must be renewed every day and everyday must be lived as if it was the last. or the first!