How to perfectly choose your suit

One step closer to elegance

Selection criteria

Choosing a suit can be something difficult for a man, especially if he doesn’t wear it often. It will therefore be necessary to be careful about details so that the result remains chic and above all that you are comfortable in your suit. It will be necessary not only to consider the material but also colours that may or may not be appropriate depending on the occasion. It is important that the body wears the costume and not the opposite, therefore the size will also be an essential element in choosing your costume. The size of the costume must be able to match your measurements for a much chicer result !

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Let focus on the body first. To adapt your costume to your body, first you will ensure that the sleeves of your suit do not go beyond your wrists. Then you will focus on the shoulders, your suit is not supposed to wear, to avoid that, you must make sure that the shoulders of the suit are perfectly adapted to yours. For the jacket, it must be able to draw your bust without compressing it. The jacket should not be too large or too tight. It should not be below your buttocks, once again, the measurements are important !

As for the bottom of the suit, the pants should not be too short or too long. It is important that the pants do not mould you. You must be comfortable enough in your suit to sit down.

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The colours

To add a fo .For colours, they depend on each event or occasion. The black will be much more strict and serious, so it will be suitable for official or religious ceremonies. The grey and navy blue, for their part, will be more worn, than the black. They will give a less dressed effect and add a little more relaxed touch. Beige, light blue or pink will be more suitable in summer. Concerning the brown colour, it is quite aging, it will bring a little touch of maturity to your look and your personality.

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Dare the pattern!

As time goes by and with a lot of experience, you will be more able to try patterned suits or accessories matching your suit. suit is a garment that will bring out your natural class, a garment of great elegance that brings out the charisma and beauty in a man. As Jean-Napoléon Vernier would say: "Elegance is refinement, complement and supplement of beauty.


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