Mineral tour

one month  without alcohol in the beer's land !

Not a drop of alcohol for the whole month of febuary ?

This is the challenge launched by the Belgian Cancer Foundation

 to heighten awareness and raise funds.

Well-known as the heaviest drinker in Europe, our country is going through the challenge of drastically curbing alcohol consumption. The operation, which began on February 1, has already attracted more than 125,000 people and it is making a buzz.

For a good purpose, Belgians are invited to participate alone or in a team. They can also donate to the foundation while registering on the event’s web site. More than 124,000 euros have already been collected for the cause.

mineral water tour

To encourage participants, the web site "Mineral Tour" integrate a fun calculator which shows the amount of saved money but also calories not eaten for a weekly alcohol consumption. It also teaches us how to moderate your alcohol consumption.

Indeed, if alcohol is now linked to 5% of cancers and is even the leading cause, reducing the consumption can limit this threat of cancer. Moreover, it contributes to have a better sleep, it helps to lose weight, it gives a fresh complexion and more energy.