The new beauty blender's competitor?

« Silisponge » you have probably already heard this word somewhere. It is the all-new silicone sponge that helps to apply foundation, that was created by the brand Molly Cosmetic based in HONG-kong

"What is this object?" you will probably say It looks like a breast prosthesis! Yet, you might be surprised by the result!

If this new tool makes as much buzz on Instagram as on YouTube, it is because it is a miracle solution to no longer waste the foundation! But how can this be explained?

It is very simple! The silicone material does not contain pores, in contrary to other conventional sponges and brushes, and therefore does not absorb any product drop. That will please women who will see their foundation emptying less quickly!

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Odoo image and text block

But that's not all: the silicone texture leaves at the same time a uniform and natural result. Not to forget its practical side. No more deep cleaning of the sponges. The "Silisponge" is simply rinsed with water and soap. What's easier?

Would you be tempted to test it?