The profession of tailor

The profession of tailor, it's all about art

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 What does this job involve?

The tailor is an artisan who cuts and makes emblematic clothes of a men’s dressing. His Speciality? costumes! This involves making the jacket, trousers and waistcoat. This one can also make coats and suits for women.

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Be aware of the trend!

Besides cutting, making and assembling pieces, the tailor must keep abreast of the latest trends, in order to propose new models to suit the day. Creativity is therefore a major asset in this business!

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The taste of perfection...

It takes a lot of work to offer customized and quality item clothes. The precision of the gesture, the concentration, the sense of touch without forgetting listening to the customer are therefore watchwords in the making!

With Chama Farez, choosing your clothes is a "reasonable" pleasure

All the art of "Private Tailoringconsists of going straight to the basics while taking the necessary minutes to choose well.

 collections are there, meticulously selected, fabrics, colours and textures are subject to a sustained attention.

 From slimness size...

So, whether it be for a shirt, a suit or a coat, the routine is the same. All services are guaranteed. If you have a slimness size no obstacle except, perhaps, a simple bottom pant leg or on the edges.

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...  To less standard size

If you have a less standard morphology, Chama Farez adapts the waist, sleeve length, length and width of the trouser legs, length and width of the jackets - essential to highlight the shape.

Focus on the main 

No waste of time, traveling in town, looking for parking. You have an appointment and, at the appointed time, Chama Farez takes care of you, exclusively, either in the showroom of Dion-Valmont (in the heart of Brabant Wallon) or at home.

 Hand delivery 

Since Chama Farez will deliver your order, if there is any apprehension, free to you to take a few minutes to make a compliance fit

Body Measurements retained

All these body measurements are memorized in order to be used for your next order in the showroom or by email ... provided that you have not changed weight.


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